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Caring Quilt
Fostering Love Crafts

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Caring Quilts are such a wonderful gift for a child who is hurting! They are easy to sew and make such a difference in a child's day.
You will need two pieces of fabric either 36" x 45" or
45" x 72" depending on the size of the child. You will also need a same size piece of quilt batting.

Lay your piece of quilt batting out on a flat surface. Place one piece of the fabric on top of the batting , right side up and the other wrong side up (right side of fabric facing each other. Pin together and sew around all four sides leaving a six " opening for turning. Trim seams and clip the corners. Turn right side out. Pin the opening closed and sew 1/4 in from the outside edge the entire way around the quilt, making sure you close up the opening securely. Lay the quilt on a flat surface and measure in 12" from the edge placing pins along the length of the quilt on both sides. Seam along these pins to quilt the blanket . (this divides the quilt into thirds and fastens the batting and both fabrics together)

The quilt can now have a pillow added to the front. Cut two pieces of coordinating fabric 18" square. Sew around all four sides (right sides of fabric together ) leaving a 3" opening for turning. Trim seams and clip corners, then turn right side out. Press and pin opening closed. Place the pillow top at the bottom of the quilt in the center of the 2 quilting lines and pin. Seam around the 2 sides and bottom leaving the top open. Be sure to back stitch several times at the top of each side to keep pillow from pulling apart. The blanket can now be folded into thirds, the pillow turned inside out over the blanket and the blanket can be folded into the pillow.

You can make the blanket extra special by sewing a matching stuffed animal, bandana, or scrunchie!