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Fostering Love Crafts
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Every day here in the United States hundreds of children enter into the Foster Care system. When a case worker is called to remove a child from his home or take a child from one foster home to another, the old familar problem of how to carry the children's clothing and belongs takes place. Children in the foster care system rarely have a suitcase available for their own use and the case worker is forced to resort to garbage bags. Using garbage bags for children already dazed and wounded by their families and the system just adds more wounds to the child. They too, feel like "garbage." The goal of Fostering Love is to sew duffel bags and make them available to Children's Services and other state workers who regularly transport children in the foster care system.

Show a child in
Foster Care


To find out how you can sew duffel bags for children in foster care or if you'd like to donate ready made bags, please contact Becky or Gail by clicking below.

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E-mail Becky


Why duffel bags and not suitcases? Children's Services Departments are very often understaffed , overworked and in small confined areas. Our local office has four caseworkers to a room about 8' by 10'. They don't have room to store suitcases but, duffel bags can be folded and stored in the caseworker's cars. Having them in the trunk makes it easy for the caseworker to grab one when transporting or removing a child from a home.

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