Crazy Knit Hat with Ear Flaps Pattern
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This crazy hat is sure to be a hit with any kid !

Crazy Hat with Flaps Tied Up
Two colored hat.

Materials Needed: One or Two , or Four Colors of Worsted Weight Yarn

Size 8 straight needles or needle to fit gauge

Needle to sew seams.

Gauge: 16 stitches to 4" and 28 rows to 4"


Cast on 32 stitches. Working in garter stitch (all knit)

Row 1- 13: Knit two together at beginning of row, knit across and increase one (knit in front and back of stitch) in last stitch

Row 2 and all even rows through row 14: knit.

Stay with the same color for a solid hat or you can now change colors at this time if you so desire.

Row 15-27: Increase in first stitch, knit across to last two stitches, K 2 tog.

Rows 16 - 28: Knit

Continue with first color for a solid hat, go back to first color for a two color hat, or change to third color at this time.

Rows 29- 32 : Knit

Rows 33-45: Repeat row 1

Rows 34 -46 : Knit

Continue on with first color for a solid hat, back to second color for a two color hat , or add forth color for a four color hat now.

Rows: 47-59 : Repeat Rows 15

Rows: 48 - 52: Knit

Fold hat over , forming a point at the top . Sew up side and top and turn right side out. Taking three 15" pieces of yarn , using yarn matching the hat, tie a knot in one end , leaving a small tassel . Braid the yarn until you have just enough yarn at the end to tie another knot , forming a second tassel. Tie a knot about 1 and down from the point of the hat forming a top knot at the top of the hat. Cut 6 -36" pieces of desired yarns and pull through ear flaps dividing in half. Braid together forming a 12" tie. Knot and form a tassel at the end. Do for both flaps. The ear flaps can be left down or tied up around the top knot.



Crazy Hat with Flaps Down