Doo-Rag Pattern
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Teens to Adults will love this great doo-rag pattern!

copyright by Gail Bable ,2000
You may use this pattern for your own personal use or for  charity. Do not sell or use this pattern or the pictures on your site . You may however place a link to it, if you intend to use it for charity.

Approx. 1/2 yard 45" fabric
Matching thread
sewing machine
All seams for a men's adult size are 1/4" , to make a smaller woman's or teen's hat use 1/2 " to 5/8" seams.

Completed hat
view from back

Completed hat
side view

Completed hat

Pattern Piece #1 24" x 5", tail is 10" long , body
body is 3" wide at center of curve (14" section)

The body of the hat is 24" long, with the tail being 10" and the body of the hat 14". It is 5" wide at the top of the piece, 3 inches wide at the 7" line, and 5" wide at the 14" line.  The tail piece curves and then tapers to a point.  Be sure to cut this piece with the long side on the fold of the fabric!

sides are made from 1 -7" circle, cut in half
I used a 7" sandwich plate for my pattern.

Close up of piece 1, top and bottom of body -5"
2" to beginning of curve at tail.

Cut 7" circle in half
Band piece is 6" x 44".

Fold tail under 1/8" all around
Then turn under 1/8' again.

Doo-Rag Tail
With finished edges.

Divide your circle piece and hat body in half
and mark with a pin on each piece.

With right sides together pin half circle to
hat body easing to fit.

I sew a zig-zag stitch up close to the 1/4" seam
Then trim away the extra fabric to make a nice looking finish.

Here is what we've
sewn so far!

Fold band right sides together. From the center
mark 12" and place a pin. Sew remaining top and sides closed.

Measure 12" either side of the center.  You will have a 24" opening in the center of the band, with 10" sewn closed on either side of the center opening.  This is forming the tails for tying. Turn right side out and press flat.  On one side of the opening press top under 1/4 inch for inside of band.

Sewing the 10" at the
ends of the band.

Band turned right sides out and pressed.
1/4 fold pressed on one side of top.

Right sides together on side of band without 1/4 "
fold, pin from side of tail ,across to other side of tail.

After sewing on band, pin inside of band, 1/4"
fold against seam.

Turn hat over and topstitch close to top of brim
Remove pins while sewing, to finish your doo-rag!

This is just a pattern I made up after not being able to find a commerical pattern.  Feel free to use  it or link it to your site.  Be sure and give credit for where you received this free pattern!